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Our Services

01. Branding

Brand Identity

Inspire and entice your customers with stunning packaging, logos, brand images, videos and more. SAKE helps with every aspect of your brand identity.
• Visual identity
• Verbal identity
• Design language
• Brand tone of voice
• Brand naming
• Brand platform


Already have an existing brand identity on which you would like to build further or are you starting fresh? We are uniquely positioned to guide and execute the creation of your brand identity, setting you apart with a unique visual identity.

Brand Concept

Let your product stand out in a crowded Adult Retail market. From Brand Idea to Story and Strategy, SAKE sets out a concrete brand concept so customers notice and desire your products.

Whether you need help with positioning your current brand or are launching a completely new brand, SAKE is here for you every step of the way.

02. Web Design & Content Creation

From a blank page to a finished design, SAKE creates a full visual identity for your entire website. Starting with wireframes, we’ll closely work with you to design a website which fully fits within your brand’s story and feel.


SAKE can also take care of the technical implementation of the website, including e-commerce, working with in-house developers to deliver the website.

03. Marketing Campaign

Marketing Adult Toys to a Western audience can be a difficult task. With years of online and offline marketing experience in the adult toy world, SAKE knows how to introduce a new and exciting brand to Western shoppers.

From email marketing to social media, over influencer outreach and custom marketing campaigns, SAKE provides a detailed marketing plan and sets up the correct tools to grow your brand from an emerging brand to an established player.

Paid Advertising

When advertising adult products online, limitations to which paid advertising platforms are available can be difficult to navigate. SAKE’s experience in advertising adult products online takes away this barrier and offers immediate access to advertising options tailored to an adult product.

Public Relations

With the more traditional paid advertising being more restricted than for other industries, PR plays a big role in the success of an adult toy brand. From features in high street fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan and recommendations from industry famous reviewers and influencers, SAKE provides unparalleled access to press, influencers and media.

In-House Marketing Campaign

In-house marketing campaigns are an indispensable tool to build buzz and interest around your products. Lelo is the perfect example of this. Having successfully ran multiple international campaigns from the Global Sex Survey to the UnDesign Awards, in-house marketing campaign are cost effective tools to reach a global audience in a short period of time.

SAKE creates and executes such campaigns fully in house or can work with your existing marketing team.

04. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of any website and this is no different for an adult toy e-commerce website. Kevin, the K in SAKE is a world class SEO expert who has helped numerous companies to reach the top of the search engines.

While slow to build, investing in SEO helps your brand to reap rewards for years to come. SAKE is here to help define and execute a winning SEO strategy. Our team combines savvy digital strategies with technical execution to drive business and generate sales, from navigating viable organic and paid search terms to redesigning entire sites.


Search Engine Optimization

Higher Page Rankings

On search engine like google

Increased Traffic

to your website

Increased ROI

Return on investment

05. Operations

Having a website is only half of the work. Products need to be shipped, local laws need to be followed, customer questions need to be answered and so much more.

SAKE has run numerous e-commerce websites and knows exactly what it takes to provide industry leading customer care, how to fulfill products either directly from China to the West or by stocking the products in local warehouses. Local laws need to be abided and specific certification is needed in some countries. SAKE helps you navigate the ins and outs of running the operation of a webshop.

06. Staff Training

SAKE will be there every step along the way to help you succeed with growing your brand in the West. We are committed to your product’s success and enable your staff to understand their audience. Running the business well into the future is SAKE’s utmost goal.

SAKE will be there every step along the way to help you succeed with growing your brand in the West. We are committed to your product’s success and enable your staff to understand their audience. Running the business well into the future is SAKE’s utmost goal.

07. Market Research

Launching a new adult product is a daunting task. SAKE is here to take the guesswork away.  We provide extended user testing, advice on shape, form and color, packaging design services, naming advice, product positioning, pricing insights, color advice and more.

08. Amazon sales

The SAKE team has sold over 800.000$ of products in 2019 on Amazon and has has taken its own product to #1 seller in its category.

Like Taobao in China, Amazon is a marketplace that can not be ignored in the West. Amazon provides the world’s biggest shopping platform and access to hundreds of millions of customers.

It won’t come as a surprise that selling adult toys on Amazon comes with its own challenges. New accounts are not allowed to sell adult toys, advertising is limited & receiving reviews from customers is challenging, just to name a few.

SAKE is excited to take your product to Amazon and fully manage the Amazon sales. From setting up the account to stocking the local Amazon warehouses (FBA), to running the ads & building the Amazon product pages (A+), SAKE is the perfect partner to grow your brand on Amazon.

09. Crowdfunding

Launching a crowdfunding campaign for your product can lead to an instant boost in news coverage and popularity. SAKE has run multiple crowdfunding campaigns, raising over 3.000.000$ along the way for various brands including LELO, PicoBong, Travis The Translator & ROCKI.



10. B2B Sales

SAKE has an extended network of adult retail shops and distributors to which your products can be offered and advertised. Turbocharge your B2B sales by using SAKE’s unparalleled access to adult industry contacts.

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